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Current Work, Education, License

CEO/President/founder of Kanti Mental Health Licensed Clinical Social Worker, PC 2022-current

Licensed Clinical Social Worker #108767


Masters of Social Work, Clinical Social Work

Portland State University

Masters of Arts, Cognitive Psychology and Program Evaluation - Claremont Graduate University

Notable Trainings and Certificates

•   Interpersonal Neurobiology for Practitioners of Color Training 
•    Interpersonal Neurobiology Training Mindsight Institute 
•    40-hour Domestic Violence Training CA
•    40-hour Domestic Violence Training OR
•    Somatic Embodiment and Regulation Strategies

•    Integrative Somatic Psychotherapy
•    200 hr Yoga Teacher Training RYS

 Featured Workshops and Presentations

Roy, J (2022, February).  Decolonizing Mindfulness. Momentum Program at Joy and Justice Collaborative, San Diego, CA. 


Roy, J (2021, November).  Healing from Trauma.  Extended Opportunity Programs and Services at Mira Costa Community College Mental Health Counseling Services, San Diego, CA


Roy, J (2021, October).  The Climate Crisis and Clinical Work.  Clinical Group Supervision at Mira Costa Community College Mental Health Counseling Services, San Diego, CA


Osman, G, Badillo, B, Roy, J (2021, October). Social Justice issues in Student Mental Health Access and Care. Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors Conference, San Diego, CA


My Approach

About Jaya


Part of how I embody principles of Decolonization is by seeing how our biological functioning, social-historical conditioning/experience, and mental well-being are deeply intertwined. Traditional psychotherapy practices view these domains as discrete because of the Western value of dualism, which separates the mind and body (although that’s slowly changing!). My journey in understanding these connections started with my education in Cognitive Psychology and research background in the Affective Sciences (the study of emotions), which gave me a very strong foundation in Neuroscience and Psychobiology. I was fortunate to build on that foundation through my Masters in Clinical Social Work, with a focus on the impact of social systems on mental health. Having a holistic understanding of well-being is powerful in supporting liberation within ourselves through healing our pain and trauma, which in turn leaves us more resourced to work towards liberation in our society (i.e., working towards shifting oppressive systems). 

As a result, I gravitate towards therapeutic practices that are expansive and responsive to include multidimensional frameworks, rather than ones that are prescriptive. Some common orientations I include are: Interpersonal Neurobiology (the interdisciplinary science of healing and relationships), Somatic Psychotherapy (healing using the mind and body connection), Narrative Therapy (the impact of our stories), Liberation Psychology (the impact of oppression), Buddhist Psychology (philosophy and practices to build compassion and awareness), and Decolonizing Frameworks (decentering white supremacy culture). 

I feel deeply passionate about supporting those around me in their healing journey because as a South Asian woman, queer, chronically in pain individual, healing is both personal and political. Healing is also found in many other spaces beyond the professionalization of therapy. I find healing in nature, with my animal companions, gardening, yoga, and reading poetry. 

I hope this gives you a sense of who I am and what I have to offer in my practice. If any of this speaks to you or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Most importantly, if I have the honor of speaking with you or even having a session or more with you, trust your gut with how you are feeling about the match. The most important part of any healing journey with a therapist is the relationship you have with them. 


With gratitude,


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