Current Work, Education, License

CEO/President/founder of Kanti Mental Health Licensed Clinical Social Worker, PC 2022-current

Licensed Clinical Social Worker #108767


Masters of Social Work, Clinical Social Work

Portland State University

Masters of Arts, Cognitive Psychology and Program Evaluation - Claremont Graduate University

Notable Trainings and Certificates

•    Year-long Interpersonal Neurobiology  training (currently in training)
•    Interpersonal Neurobiology Training Mindsight Institute 
•    40-hour Domestic Violence Training CA
•    40-hour Domestic Violence Training OR
•    Somatic Embodiment and Regulation Strategies
•    200 hr Yoga Teacher Training RYS

 Featured Workshops and Presentations

Roy, J (2022, February).  Decolonizing Mindfulness. Momentum Program at Joy and Justice Collaborative, San Diego, CA. 


Roy, J (2021, November).  Healing from Trauma.  Extended Opportunity Programs and Services at Mira Costa Community College Mental Health Counseling Services, San Diego, CA


Roy, J (2021, October).  The Climate Crisis and Clinical Work.  Clinical Group Supervision at Mira Costa Community College Mental Health Counseling Services, San Diego, CA


Osman, G, Badillo, B, Roy, J (2021, October). Social Justice issues in Student Mental Health Access and Care. Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors Conference, San Diego, CA



About Jaya




I am a nature loving, poetry reading, yoga practitioner and devoted family member. I am a daughter of two immigrants. I am committed to dismantling harmful and oppressive practices and to creating practices that are compassionate and healing for all. I am also a big nerd, I love reading and continuously educating myself in the wonders of the world and experiences of being human whether that through science, art, or stories.


My approach to my practice is deeply intertwined with my experience as a second-generation immigrant, South Asian, queer-woman, and many other identities. I know for many folks, healing is both personal and often political because the structure of our society creates active barriers for sustainable well-being.

I believe that providing treatment is not the same as supporting healing. I’m all about the healing because I’m not interested in seeing you assimilate or “maintain a baseline functioning”, I’m interested in seeing you bloom. Your healing means more energy towards your passions, commitments, and care for the world.  That is why I gravitate towards approaches that are multi-layered, fluid, dynamic, and socially conscious- whether that is using Interpersonal Neurobiology (for a holistic perspective), Somatic Practices (using the body to support processing and healing), Narrative Therapy (understanding the impact of our thoughts and stories), and Buddhist Psychology (building intentionality, and connection to meaning). All of my practices are shaped by being anti-oppressive (to reduce harm), liberatory (to find ways of healing and thriving), and de-colonial (challenging the harmful impacts of colonization and white supremacy culture).