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If you are a therapist who has exposure to topics of power, privilege, and oppression in mental health practices and are wanting to go deeper, you are in the right place. Embodying principles of social justice, anti-oppression, and liberation is a lifelong practice that requires a community to support us along the way. Radically Inclusive Therapist Consultation Group is created for this purpose.

Radically Inclusive Therapist Consultation Group


  • Therapists who have experience with power, privilege and oppression in mental health practice (no experts here, just people who care about healing).

  • Therapists who want to go deeper in their practice of anti-oppression and liberation (past the 101 or idea of one workshop that's going to change power structures- let's get intersectional and nuanced!).

  • Therapists who accepts not all social groups are valued equally and have access to resources and power.

  • Therapists who are open to discourse and reflection on the ways in which we as individuals and service providers uphold power structures and the status quo (because we all do unintentionally).

  • Therapist who are open to decolonizing their practice and acknowledging the space being facilitated by a woman of color (check your white fragility at the door please).


  • We will co-create our space and determine topics we would like to engage in for each month. Based on members responses in the registration process, I will create an outline for the six months detailing the topics we will go over and who is facilitating by mid January. I will be facilitating the first month.

  • We will have one topic per month (1 month Jaya, 5 months other members with support from Jaya) in which one or more members will facilitate sharing their knowledge, wisdom and passion. We are not aiming for professionalization but just a collective sharing of our lived experience and sustained knowledge.

  • First group of the month (i.e. 2nd Friday of the month)- first hour of the group we will engage in the topic we selected for that month, second hour of the group we will discuss client consultations.

  • Second group of the month (i.e. 4th Friday of the month) - first hour of the group we will engage in practices to help us internalize and embody the topic of the month such as mindfulness, somatic practices, group discussion, art, and more. The second hour of the group we will discuss client consultations.

***Please note this group does not count as supervision, Kanti Mental Health cannot sign off on this as hours towards licensure, no CEU's available.***



  • January 2023-June 2023

  • Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month 10am- 12pm pst

  • Please plan on attending all 12 groups. Urgent situations may arise where you are unable to attend a group that is totally OK. In order to put energy towards building a community with trust, I encourage us to think of this as a committed practice, not centering perfectionism but honoring this limited time we have together.

  • Dec 16th- optional meet and greet 10am-12pm

  • Jan 13th, 27th - Decolonizing Mindfulness

  • Feb 10th, 24th - TBD by the collective

  • Mar 10th, 24th - TBD by the collective

  • Apr 14th, 28th - TBD by the collective

  • May 12th, 26th - TBD by the collective

  • Jun 9th, 23rd - Reflections on Praxis


How Much

  • $80 per month or $420 one time fee

  • Limited number of spots available

  • Payment via credit card



Consultation Groups are virtual. You will receive an email with a link for each group. Closed captioning is currently unavailable in the virtual platform I use, which I acknowledge is problematic and ableist. I'm working on advocating for changes and if I can afford to do so, will consider another platform. If you would like this feature, contact me at

Groups are not recorded for privacy and confidentiality reasons. 


 Registration is currently closed. Stay tuned for more opportunities for the next cohort! 


Please note once you have completed the form you will receive an email with a link to a secure client portal that will have a privacy and confidentiality document and credit card information for you to fill out. Please note your credit card will be automatically charged starting January 2023 based on your payment option (see above). **To be considered registered and reserve your spot you must complete all documents by Dec 16th 2022.**  I will also follow up with you regarding collaborating on a topic you are passionate to share about. 

For any questions, email me at

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