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Interracial Relationship Therapy

Holding Hands

Interracial Relationship Therapy




People who are in an interracial relationship and are hoping:


  • To better understand each other

  • To navigate race, culture, and ethnicity compassionately in your relationship





So, you’re in an interracial relationship and maybe you’re having trouble understanding each other in that specific way? Maybe there are gaps to how you connect? For some relationships there might even be conflict, harm, and discomfort. I want you to know that you are not alone. I have personal experience navigating an interracial, long-term relationship, and although there were many bumps along the way, we truly feel that we are closer now than we ever have been because we took the time to deeply understand each other, our realities, how they influence our relationship, and ways we can support each other.


As a therapist I am trained in Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) through a Decolonized perspective. What that means is I have experience studying the social, neurological, and biological science of relationships through the framework of social justice. Another way to describe IPNB is as the study of deep interconnectedness. Through this lens I have specific training with supporting interracial relationships because, let’s be honest, having experience with traditional couples or relationship counseling does not translate over to the nuance and layered dynamic of being an interracial relationship. In fact, couples counseling was rooted in the 1930s with the intention of solidifying nuclear families and racial purification. It wasn’t until 1967 in the Loving vs Virginia case that interracial marriages became legal, which is not even a full-lifetime ago.


That’s all to say, it can be really challenging to find a good match for a therapist for interracial relationships. I am here to offer you my professional and personal lived experience to help guide you in this journey. All you need to do is take the first step to reach out and open yourself up to the experience.




Getting Started

  • Fee: $200 for 50 minutes, $250 for 75 minutes

  • Book a free 15-minute consultation by emailing or messaging through the contact form below.

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