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Kanti Mental Health Licensed Clinical Social Worker, PC

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Jaya Roy (she/her), M.A., M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

Nurturing deep healing and liberation through psychotherapy and education


Kanti is a Hindi word that refers to radiance. We interpret the word Kanti as our own unique momentum or energy within us. We hope our collective radiance helps us harness our lived, experience, wisdom, and knowledge to support your exploration and journey towards a deep healing. 

We unearth how our minds and bodies adapted certain thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and how we can reshape them to better serve you today by using a safe and genuine relationship as the foundation for healing. We are here as your anchor and support to help you navigate your challenges with compassion, guidance, and down-to earth practices to ease your suffering, all while helping you heal the root pain that is causing (or adding to) your current distress. If you are interested in nurturing this type of transformative healing, we might be a great fit.  

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