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Kanti Mental Health Licensed Clinical Social Worker, PC

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Jaya Roy (she/her), M.A., M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

Nurturing deep healing and liberation through psychotherapy and education


Kanti is a Hindi word that refers to radiance. I interpret the word Kanti as our own unique momentum or energy within us that I hope to harness to support your exploration and journey towards deep healing. 


I use an integrative approach that centers Decolonized and Liberatory frameworks which informs my understanding and application of social and health related fields such as sociology, anthropology, psychobiology, neuroscience, nutrition and more. As a result, I am able to provide a thoughtful and socially conscious process that nurtures deep healing. Some of our time might be spent discovering nuanced understanding, awareness, and integration of challenging emotions and experiences, while other times we might explore down-to-earth practices to support your process.


You are not alone and are deeply cared for in this space. I am here as your anchor, support, refuge, or guide, and will honor our relationship by leading with genuine compassion. 


Your own wisdom, experience, and heritage matter, and I trust you as a collaborator in your healing journey.  And while sometimes I might be a container for holding all the difficult emotions and experiences, I am always committed, engaged in your healing. In session I actively participate by offering perspective, reflection, and wisdom. Outside of session I engage in advocacy and continued learning so that I can be a well of resources for you. 


You are not just one client in a sea of many to me. You are an important part of my community. 


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