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Relationship Therapy




I specialize in working with adults in interracial, multicultural, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+2S, and/or queer relationships. I have experience working with folks in various types of relationships (friendships, business, romantic, polyam, familial and more).





There are many different reasons why people seek relational support. Some common examples of the topics I most frequently work with include:


  • Stuck in a pattern or dynamic that isn’t working

  • Feeling unseen, unheard, or unappreciated

  • Feeling insecure, uncertain, or confused about the relationship

  • Wanting to better understand each other including but not limited to: each other's social identities, mental health, physical health, cultural and familial backgrounds

  • Trying to navigate topics of race, culture, ethnicity, immigration, disability, LGBTQIA+2S

  • Curious to learn about equity and decolonizing relationships





As a relationship therapist I use Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) through a Decolonized perspective to guide our time together. What that means is I have experience studying and applying the social, neurological, and biological science of relationships while centering principals of Decolonization and Liberation. This integrative approach can help us build awareness and insight towards the patterns that are showing up in the relationship, how they became conditioned (through history, society, culture, and family) and identify practices that can shift dynamics to be more interconnected, loving, and compassionate.




Getting Started

  • Fee: $200 for 50 minutes, $250 for 75 minutes

  • Book a free 15-minute consultation by emailing or messaging through the contact form below. Best if all people in the relationship can join the consultation, but not required.

  • Who is not a good fit for relationship therapy at KMH?
    · Folks who are not in interracial, BIPOC, or queer relationships. · Relationships with abusive dynamics that include financial, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Please seek separate individual therapy. · Relationships that experience aggression in terms of yelling or frequent name calling. · If any one person feels forced or coerced into relationship therapy. It’s common for one person to be taking leadership in setting up relationship therapy and even for one person to feel more excited, but all people in the relationship must be willing, open, and ready to engage.
  • Do you provide family therapy?
    Unfortunately, no. Family therapy, especially when working with minor children requires different training. However, if an adult child with a parent or two adult siblings are seeking services, we can connect.
  • Can I use insurance or use a superbill?
    I currently do not take any insurance and it’s uncommon for insurance companies to reimburse for relationship therapy because there is no diagnosis for more than one person. Thus, we would not be able to use insurance or a superbill.
  • Do you offer a sliding scale fee for relationship therapy?
    Currently I do not offer relationship therapy for below $200 for 50 minutes. The reason is because relationship therapy often takes additional preparation and work on the part of the therapist having more than one person in session. However, if we are established and at some point, for unforeseen reasons it becomes difficult to sustain the fee, we can discuss temporary options such as a payment plan, or slight reduced fees.

Let’s Work Together

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