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Can Your Partner Heal Your Relational Wounds?

The idea that your romantic partner can heal your relational, wounds or trauma, is hotly debated. On one hand, you might hear things like “you have to love yourself before you can love someone else” or “you have to engaging in your own healing before entering a relationship”. On the other hand, you might hear, “people heal in relationships” or “a relationship can change your attachment style”. There is wisdom in many of the sayings however, they still promote a binary idea that healing does or does not happen within a relationship, rather than exploring what types of healing can happen within which particular relationships. In addition, the primary focus is only on romantic partnerships. While healthy, romantic relationships can be healing in different ways to different people, your loving community can help you heal in many ways. The truth is we all need many types of loving relationships to flourish.

To learn more watch this video:

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