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If you are a therapist or working to become a therapist (licensed, associate, grad student) and want to honor your value of anti-oppression and liberation when using mindfulness in your services, you might be looking to decolonize your offerings. Decolonization is the action of investigating, identifying, and challenging the impacts of all types of colonialism, including settler and exploitive colonialism, on our history, culture, society, thinking, health, and well-being.  This includes de-centering oppressive Western "mindfulness" practices and integrating philosophy and practices that stem from the cultural and historical roots of mindfulness. 

Decolonizing Mindfulness for Therapists

If you are a therapist or training to become one, chances are you have come across mindfulness and the positive impact it can have on mental health. It's somewhat of a trend in wellness spaces. Many of us are trained to use mindfulness as therapist through approaches like mindful-based stress reduction, which is considered evidenced based. The problem however, is that mindfulness is a philosophy and way of life (across the globe) that has been extracted from many Eastern practices to be palatable for Western audience in our country. The power of mindfulness becomes diluted when we strip away the philosophy and focus on it as a tool or action. It can also become weaponized and harmful with this approach. This workshop will help us understand what exactly is Westernized mindfulness, how white supremacy culture is infused in it, and ways we can practice decolonizing our mindfulness offerings to provide our community and clients with deeply rooted and deeply transformative support. 

What we will cover:​

  • Brief (colonial) history 

  • Identifying white supremacy culture and remedies

  • Integrating mindfulness with therapy


  • August 16th at 9am-12pm pst


  • $180 


  • here​ by August 2nd 

  • A link will be provided to you via email prior to the workshop. Please do not share this link with others.

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